New Canaan Youth Lacrosse

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VP of Girls Programs: Chrissie Schwartz 

3rd/4th Program Leader: Meg Hely Walsh 

Girls Grade Coordinators, Spring 2023: 

8th - Barbara Calaba 

7th - Agatha Row

6th - Meaghan Kupchak 

5th - Cameron Buzzeo 

4th - Katie Marschalk 

3rd - Adriana Casey  Jean Hiraman 

2nd - Kristin Woods -

1st - Victoria Cohn -

K - Kristen Hartofilis 


House League - Rich Carter  

**Final uniform orders will be placed on 3/17. Players registering after 3/17 will not be guaranteed their choice of uniform size.**


 K and 1st Grade Girls House

  • One clinic per week, beginning late March/early April
  • Players are coached by parent volunteers
  • Focus is on lacrosse fundamentals with emphasis on fun

2nd Grade Girls House

  • 2 clinics per week, one during the week and one day on weekend beginning late March/early April
  • Players are coached by parent volunteers
  • Focus is on lacrosse fundamentals with emphasis on fun but involved more structured play than in K and 1st grades, ie, the addition of small sided scrimmages, etc.

3rd/4th Grade Girls House

  • Two practices per week
  • One 7v7 games on the weekend 
  • Players divided into balanced teams
  • Equal playing time, and equal opportunity to play all positions

5th/6th and 7th/8th Grade Girls House

  • Three schedule playing opportunities during the week
  • Equal playing time, and equal opportunity to play all positions throughout the season in a variety of skill -based formats

Our newly created 5th/6th and 7th/8th House League Program is meant to cover a few objectives.
The goal is to have a place for players to improve their skill and lacrosse IQ so that if making a travel
team is their goal, we hope to get that individual closer to that goal. At the same time, it will be
geared to those athletes who love the game of lacrosse but can’t make the travel commitment
because of other obligations but still want to learn and compete. There will be less of an emphasis
on missed practices and or games. Additionally, tryouts will not be necessary and cuts will not be

**If your child tries out for a travel team and is placed in house league, a credit will be issued to you within 2 weeks for the difference in program fees.


  • Players are required to attend two of the three tryouts. If a player is unable to attend two of the three tryouts, please reach out to the applicable grade coordinator.


5th, 6th, 7th and 8th Grade Girls will have the option to try
out for a Travel Team. There are two commitments we expect of travel players: 

  • Lacrosse must be prioritized over any other sport or activity during the spring season.
  • NCLA travel lacrosse must be prioritized over any other lacrosse activity that conflicts with the Travel schedule.

If a player cannot adhere to these requirements, then they will not be eligible to participate in the
travel program. If it becomes evident during the season that a player is not adhering to the
Commitment Requirements, that player will be removed from his or her travel team, but be
allowed to participate in House League.

Please read the Commitment Requirements below. Each travel team will practice 2-3 times per
week, depending on age group with 1-2 games each weekend. Teams will play about 15
weekend games throughout the season, including jamborees with multiple games. Our House
League will practice 2 times per week, with one house game on the weekend. Season will run
from mid-March to early June.

All players selected for A or B travel teams must agree to make lacrosse their PRIORITY for the
entire course of the season. Given the number of highly qualified players we have at each grade
level, it is not fair to have roster spots go to players who are less than 100% committed to lacrosse in
the spring. We expect and encourage all of our athletes to play other sports during the rest of the
year, as it increases athletic development and adds to players’ enthusiasm for all sports they play.
But we require that during our relatively short season, you choose lacrosse over other event
conflicts. If you are not prepared to make lacrosse your priority, we offer our house program for
5th/6th/7th and 8th graders where players can develop their skills but have flexibility regarding
5th - 8th grade A and B travel players are required to attend:

  • All practices and games for their assigned team, unless excused in advance.
  • In addition to honoring the Commitment Requirements, NCLA travel players are expected to show up at practices and games ready to play with a positive attitude and a respect for their teammates, coaches, referees and opponents.
  • Playing time is determined by performance, attitude, attendance, teamwork, and sportsmanship.
  • Players are, of course, permitted to miss a practice or a game due to illness or a family situation. Such instances will be excused absences as long as they are properly communicated to the coaching staff. 
  • Unexcused absences include missing practice or games for birthday parties, social events or Club lacrosse conflicts.

Consequences for Unexcused Absences:
1 missed practice or game = Sit ½ game
2 missed practice or game = Sit full game

In order to build a strong and healthy relationship between the player and coach we encourage
players to discuss the following talking points with their coaches;

  • playing time 
  • positions 
  • team placement 
  • suggestions for improvement/feedback

If parents have issues with a coach, they should discuss those with their Grade Coordinator
and/or an NCLA Board Representative, after observing the 24 hour waiting period.  Please
remember to respect your coach’s time and dedication to creating a fun, learning experience for
all of our players.