New Canaan Youth Lacrosse

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All refund requests MUST be made via the NCLA Website, Home Page, Online Forms: Program Refund Form. Here is the link:



* Payments not made in full at time of registration will have a 5-day grace period at which time the registration will be moved to the waitlist with no guarantee of an available spot.  If there is an issue with payment and requires discussion, contact NCLA Treasurer John Walsh @    
* Requests for Financial Aid can be made through the Financial Aid form on the bottom left of the home page.
* All refund requests must be made online via the Refund Request Form on the NCLA Policies page. 
* A $25 processing fee will be deducted from all refunds regardless of reason for refund

* USA Lacrosse Membership fees are non-refundable
*All refund requests MUST be made prior to the start of a program, prior to the first tryout (as applicable by grade), or by the date indicated in a specified registration for a particular program. Refunds for spring programs will not be considered due to practice schedule changes mid-season or after tryouts have begun.
* There will be NO Refund for any uniforms or special equipment purchased for a particular program.  The Uniform Packages for the Spring program vary depending on grade and program.  Those fees will be deducted prior to any refund. The player does get to keep their uniform.
*Clinics do not get refunded after the start of the program for any reason unless specified in the clinic description as NCLA pays for coaching based on the number of registered players.
* Exceptions, including withdrawal due to injury, are subject to approval by Board of Directors
* NCLA schedules are not finalized until we are able to confirm coaching and field schedules which will not be until March at the earliest. While NCLA makes an effort to coordinate with other youth sports programs when creating the master schedule, we expect NCLA lacrosse to be a player's priority during the spring sports season for grades 5-8. Neither late registration fees nor the refund processing fee of $25 will be waived for any scheduling reasons for any programs.