New Canaan Youth Lacrosse

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UPDATED - 2014 Boy’s Important Details and Dates (Updated as of March 16, 2014, new tryout dates)
5th-8th Tryout Dates:
Now March 22-25 due to snow.  Please alert your grade coordinator if you have any conflicts. 


  1. All players who are trying out MUST, repeat MUST have a $150 Check made out to NCLA with them.  The memo line must have the player name and grade.
  2. If a player makes a spot on the Travel A or B teams the checks will be cashed.  All checks from those players who make the TA teams will be destroyed
  3. Players are NOT required to try out should they only want a spot on a Travel Academy team
  4. Full gear including mouth guards must be warn for all tryouts. 
  5. Players will receive a pinney at tryouts when they check in and MUST return it at the end of the tryout.  
  6. All evaluations will be conducted by NCLA coaches with additional volunteer coaches being used.  
  7. Tryout times are listed below
  MARCH 22 & 23  
11:30 am 5th Grade Dunning
1:00 pm 6th Grade Dunning
2:30 pm 7th Grade Dunning
4:00 pm 8th Grade Dunning
  MARCH 24  
6:00 pm 5th Grade Dunning
7:30 pm 7th Grade Dunning
  MARCH 25  
6:00 pm 6th Grade Dunning
7:30 pm 8th Grade WTT

Final Team announcements
It is our goal to announce all A, B and TA rosters the evening of March 27th.  That date / time is subject to change but we will be doing out very best to get it done as quickly as we can. All announcements will be made through the website. The 5th & 6th grade T/A teams will be further broken out once the entire group meets with their coaches. Once final team placements are made any issues, concerns or questions should be taken up with the appropriate grade coordinator after a 24 hour wait.

Travel Teams
Travel teams are for players who have the desire and ability to play at a higher competitive level and for families that are willing to make a greater commitment to a longer and more demanding season that will include playing lacrosse 4-5 times per week mid-March to mid-June with out of state travel. The goal is to develop fundamental individual lacrosse skills, execute team strategies and reinforce important attributes such as teamwork, sportsmanship, hard work and respect. The NCLA will strive to develop teams that will successfully compete at the top of their respective leagues. Travel teams will have approximately 18-24 players per team and offer two teams per grade 5th-8th. Players selected for either travel team are expected to make lacrosse their primary commitment for the spring season.

Travel Academy (TA)
Players not selected to a travel team or not wishing to make a travel commitment can participate on our 5th/6th (3 combination teams) and 7/8th (1 combined team) grade Travel Academy which play locally 3 times per week will consist of 25-30 players per team.  TA teams will practice together 2x per week and play single games or jamboree style games on either weekend day.  The TA teams will start mid-April and end with participation in the CONNY tournament.

Travel team try-outs are open to all NCLA registered players 5th- 8th Grade. Players electing to participate only in the Travel Academy do not need to participate in try-outs but are welcome. If you do not participate in at least one of the mandatory tryout sessions you will automatically be placed on a TA team unless you alert your grade coordinator in advance.

3rd/4th grade will also offer travel teams (in addition to house league) and these players will be selected at the coach’s discretion without tryouts.  These teams will have floating rosters.

Travel Team Fee Supplement
All players planning to tryout for a Travel Team will be required to present a check made out to NCLA for the Travel Supplement Fee of $150.00. Players will NOT, repeat NOT be allowed to tryout without that check. Players selected for a team will have their checks processed once they have accepted a position on that team and there will be no refund of those fees. Player not selected for a Travel Team will be placed on a Travel Academy teams and their checks will be returned/destroyed.

Tryout Process
Each grade 5th-8th will participate in (3) 90 minute sessions (see below dates below, exact times see above). The tryout process will include 12-15 players rotating between 6-8 different stations. Coach and Parent volunteers will be used to run each station (these volunteers are not evaluators). Travel player candidates will be evaluated by coaches who coach elsewhere in the program as well as coaches who will coach that particular grade. All coaches will use a common form that evaluates players’ on skills, teamwork, coachability, and effort. All travel rosters will be flexible and the NCLA reserves the right to move players when deemed appropriate.

Please alert your grade coordinator in advance if you cannot make all sessions. Grade Coordinators will determine the best way to evaluate players that are unable to participate in tryouts due to injury or conflicts. Tryouts may be extended for certain grades if the coaches require additional evaluation.

Tryouts will take place March 22-25 at NC turf fields pending weather and turf field availability .
This will allow players to participate in pre-season prior to tryouts, minimize winter sport conflicts and provide a better chance of good weather. 

If coaches need more time to evaluate, it is each coach’s option to extend the process and communicate to parents accordingly. Initial teams are not necessarily final. Coaches may choose to spend more time filling the last spots because certain players missed tryouts due to injury, winter sports commitments or school breaks. If your player can’t make any of the tryouts then please contact your grade coordinator just prior to the start of tryouts.