New Canaan Youth Lacrosse

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Dear NCLA Families,
NCLA needs you. In the last two years, our program has grown dramatically. We now have close to 1000 boys and girls playing youth lacrosse, and we are running programs virtually year round.  As our organization continues to grow each year, so does our need for help to enable our programs to run smoothly. Lacrosse is a truly great sport with a rich history here in NC, and we want that to only grow.  We’re proud that so many young NC youth are playing lacrosse, but to properly serve our athletes, NCLA needs many hands.
We have had the benefit of a number of longstanding, committed volunteers who have worn countless hats and selflessly devoted many years of their time to help run our organization for the benefit of all of our children. They, soon to be joined by others, no longer have children in the program and have moved on to enjoy the fruits of their labor as their kids prosper in high school and beyond. 
NCLA is now seeking to develop the next generation of volunteers to help our organization move forward.  We need “doers” – collaborative individuals who are organized & efficient and possess an abundance of follow through – to manage a number of open roles and responsibilities in the organization. While there are a number of team and grade level volunteer opportunities, we are also looking for some expertise in program-wide areas.  The following are just some of those area.  
The following roles are open:

  • Spiritwear/Fundraising Coordinator: Selecting RYL branded team apparel (excluding team uniforms), working with vendors, coordinating and promoting sales of custom apparel & gear. Position also includes planning any board-approved fundraising events and activities.


  • Girls Equipment Manager: Coordinating team equipment needs with NCLA Equipment Director and distributing team gear bags and team equipment to each of the girls travel teams and house clinic



  • Boys Equipment Manager: Coordinating team equipment needs with NCLA Equipment Director and distributing team gear bags and team equipment to each of the boys travel teams and house clinic.


  • Website & Communications/Publicity: Serve as point person for the NCLA website, updating and adding content to website, managing Facebook page and utilizing social media outlets to communicate and publicize NCLA events, activities and information.


  • Coaches & Assistant Coaches: Adults with lacrosse experience are needed for boys & girls teams this spring. We are looking for individuals who are eager to share their knowledge of the game in a positive, fun and instructional team culture appropriate for the grade level.


  • Director of Safety: Coordinating and managing safety training for coaches, including Red Cross First Aid/AED certification, tracking inventory of AEDs, facilitating maintenance of AEDs.

Please consider volunteering. We simply cannot sustain a quality program of this size without you.  For more information about any of the roles, please email us at or speak to any of the board members listed on the contact page.  Please also respond to the questions asked on the registration process about volunteer opportunities.
Your prorgam thanks you!