New Canaan Youth Lacrosse

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Please read this page thoroughly before you register your child.


All programs are for chidren in grades K-8 whose primary residence is in New Canaan, CT, unless specifically noted in the program description. 

The NCLA reserves the right to request a player's proof of residency at any time in which case a registered player's participation in any NCLA program is suspended until the NCLA Board is satisfied with an acceptable proof of residency.

For all Spring programs, the NCLA is obligated to enforce birth date ranges as mandated and designated by CONNY and US Lacrosse. Each birth date range is specified in each program description.

The CONNY Executive Committee has moved the oldest birthday permitted for each year group from the September 1st to the July 1st preceding the season (except 14U Seniors for which the birthday eligibility date remains the March 1st preceding the season to accommodate very old-in-grade 8thgraders who would not otherwise have a place to play in the spring). Thus, the 2020 player segmentation birthday cutoff dates will be:

CONNY Age Division

US Lax Age Designation

Born On Or After:




















8U – 6U


  • If your player is OLDER than the birth date range identified for his/her grade level program, you may petition CONNY to allow your child to remain in his/her grade level program by following the steps below. NCLA is obligated to enforce the final decision made by CONNY.
  • If your player is YOUNGER than the birth date range, then he/she may elect to remain in their grade level as enrolled in school. Email Registrar Darcy Smith ( AND your Grade Coordinator with details.
  • If you plan to petition CONNY, please do so as soon as possible as the deliberation process will take some time. 

Instructions to petition CONNY:

  1. CONNY Regulations II. 4 & 5

     4. By petition to the CONNY Eligibility Committee, an old-in-grade 8th grader (a player currently in 8th grade who turned 14 before the March 1st of the year preceding the start of a season, i.e., born 2/29/2005 or earlier for the 2020 season) may play for a CONNY Senior Team. To do so:

    a. The player’s program must submit a written petition for eligibility to the CONNY Eligibility Committee including the player’s date-of-birth, school, height, weight, and brief lacrosse history.

    b. The Eligibility Committee must approve the petition by a simple majority vote (51%). Except in extraordinary circumstances the Eligibility Committee shall grant the requested 8th grader eligibility.

    5. Under extraordinary circumstances, and by special petition to the CONNY Eligibility Committee, a player may play with a younger birth year team (e.g., a 13U eligible player on a 12U team). To do so:

    a. The player and his/her proposed team must submit a written petition to the CONNY Eligibility Committee. The petition shall include, at minimum, the player’s date-of-birth, school, height, weight, lacrosse history (number of years, A/B/etc. level, All-Star appearances, etc.), details of other sports played and athletic honors earned, and any other circumstances the petitioners feel are relevant. Such petition shall be delivered to the CONNY Secretary and President.

    b. If the CONNY Eligibility Committee declines the petition, the player and his/her proposed team may appeal to the CONNY Board of Directors.

    c. To overrule the CONNY Eligibility Committee’s decision, the Board of Directors, sitting in a properly constituted meeting, must approve the petition by a seventy-five percent (75%) super-majority vote.

  2. Contact Patrick Leahy and the NCLA VP of either Girls (Tara Clough) or NCLA Boys Programs (Mike Regan). Their emails are below. Petitions are sent jointly by the program and parent to CONNY President Amanda Gerich, Past President Rich Greenwood, and Jack Couch. The Eligibility Committee will not accept petitions directly from parents. NCLA leadership will write one petition email and send it to: Amanda Gerich, CONNY President, Richard Greenwood, CONNY Past President, and Jack Couch, CONNY Secretary.
    NCLA PARENTS: Email the following to begin the petition process and include the above details highlighted in blue:
    Patrick Leahy, NCLA:
    Tara Clough:
    Mike Regan:


Spring programs for girls and boys, preseason for girls and boys, Fall Ball for girls and boys in some grades, Winter Rambox for boys, and special clinics for girls and boys are offered.


All registrations must be done online.
If you have any questions about registration, please contact NCLA Registrar Darcy Smith by emailing

Registrations after midnight on the registration deadline will incur an additional fee of $200.00.

1. Click on the "Register Online" button.
2. Select the program you wish to register for from the dropdown menu.
3. Follow the prompts and be sure to check your account information for accuracy. The system will bring you to and from the US Lacrosse website in order to make sure your player has a current US Lacrosse number that will be good for the duration of the spring season (through June 2020). The US Lacrosse membership is required for insurance purposes and their fee is not refundable.
4. Once the US Lacrosse site returns you to the NCLA site, complete your registration by following the prompts and by paying for the program. Registrations that are not paid are not fully processed. Only fully processed registered players are permitted to step on the field for an NCLA program. A player may not register for any NCLA programs if his/her family has an outstanding balance; the balance must be paid prior to additional registrations. While the system will permit you to "sign up" for a program without immediately paying, unpaid registrations are automatically sent to the waitlist after a 5-day grace period, and a spot is not reserved for your player. If this happens, please email the registrar to make payment arrangements.
5. Check your email for a registration confirmation email from NCLA.


If you have any questions about financial aid, please click on the "Scholarships/Financial Aid" button in the lefthand menu of this website. There you will find our Financial Aid Request Form. You are invited to contact NCLA Treasurer John Walsh at with additional questions. Your inquiries about financial aid remain confidential among the small committee of Board Members responsible for reviewing financial aid requests.


You will receive a uniform order link in your registration confirmation email.


For Grades 5-8, games should begin the end of March 2020. 

For grades K-4, we anticipate beginning lacrosse at the end of March 2020 pending fields and weather.

NCLA schedules are not finalized until we are able to confirm coaching and field schedules which will not be until March

While NCLA makes an effort to coordinate with other youth sports programs when creating the master schedule, we expect NCLA Lacrosse to be a player's priority during the spring sports season for grades 5-8.
Neither late registration fees nor the refund processing fee of $25 will be waived for any scheduling reasons for any programs.


Please click here for the NCLA Code of Conduct Policy.
Be sure to review this policy with each of your NCLA lacrosse players before the season begins.


Please click here for the NCLA Refund Policy.


The NCLA is a non-profit organization, and we greatly appreciate any donation, great or small.

If you or your company would like to become a sponsor of the NCLA, please contact NCLA Sponsorship Coordinator Kim Appelt:


Financial Aid: contact Treasurer John Walsh:
Registration: contact Darcy Smith:
Lacrosse Curriculum: contact the appropriate Grade Coordinator or the VP of the Girls or Boys Program
Other: please click on the "Feedback" button and send your inquiry.