New Canaan Youth Lacrosse

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All coaches, board members and others directly involved with our players ARE REQUIRED to both register with NCLA, US Lacrosse, and also to allow for a NCSI Security Background check via US Lacrosse. Due to parental and legal consent issues, coaches who are under age 18 are not required to get a background check.  

Please choose the appropriate link at the bottom of this page. NCLA will cover all of the fees for this process. Please use either the link below or go to the REGISTER NOW tab on our home page and select "Coach_Board Member Reg" choice from the dropdown menu. You will be directed to a login screen. 

Please login and follow these instructions:

  1. From the login screen you will be taken to your account.  Please select your name by clicking on the green button next to your name that says “eligible” to register for this program.
  2. You will be taken to your account info page and you will have the opportunity to correct, change and add info.  Please note that after your phone numbers it will ask whether you want your number Public, on the Roster, or Private.  Every coach and board member should have at least one phone number public at minimum.
  3. DO NOT CHANGE the US Lacrosse number; the system will check your US Lacrosse status and NCLA will get a download that we will use to renew all expiring US Lax Numbers and issue new ones as needed.   
  4. Once you have updated all info, please hit submit.
  5. You will be taken to a page of check off box waivers, etc.  At the top of the page you will be asked what level your US Lax membership is for, please check “youth”.  At bottom you will be asked to check off which rule book you want.  Hit "submit" afterwards, and then a window should pop up so you can click on the "complete" button.
  6. After you sign up on, please go to and renew your US Lacrosse membership. Immediately after renewing (or signing up for) your US Lax membership, look on your US Lacrosse account page for the QUICK LINKS list. It looks like this:

    Quick Links

  7. ALL PAID & VOLUNTEER COACHES AND BOARD MEMBERS need to click on Background Check to start that process. It will require your social security number and agreement to the background check. This is required in order to comply with NCLA and US Lacrosse.
  8. FOR COACHES ONLY: Click on the SafeSport Training link in your US Lacrosse account and begin that process. 
  9. You will receive a confirmation email from the NCLA and separate .  COACHES: That confirm email has a link to get a W9 (if you need a new one, email Treasurer John Walsh) and a link to the CONNY Rules tests for all coaches, paid and volunteer.

Thank you for taking the time to do this.  NCLA is covering the cost for all US Lacrosse Registrations as well as the Background Checks.  Should you have any questions, please contact Darcy Smith: