New Canaan Youth Lacrosse

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Sunday, May 21, 2023
3rd & 4th Grade Girls

New Canaan High School Turf Fields
11 Farm Road, New Canaan, CT


$400 per team, all payments must be made online


Click here for the GIRLS on JAMBOREE application


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General tournament guidelines: 

  • Good sportsmanship in the spirit of fun is always in style.  

  • Central horn will start and stop all games.

  • Please have your team at your assigned game field ready to play 10 minutes before their starting horn. 

  • Please leave the playing fields quickly after each game.  Do the end-of-game handshake off the field so the next game can start immediately.

  • No gum or food on the turf - only water please.  

  • Please clean up water bottles as you leave your games.

Rules for ALL Levels (USL youth rules apply):

  • All players must have mouth guards and eye protection. 

  • No jewelry. No tape on earrings etc.

  • Substitutions must be done “on the fly’ or on Draw controls.

  • Mercy Rule:  If there is more than a four goal margin, the losing team will be awarded the ball at midfield after each goal without a draw.  If the games become too uneven, we encourage the winning team to increase the number of required passes.  Please show good sportsmanship and consideration as many of our players are new to the game.

  • No deputy in the goal.

  • No body or stick in the goal circle (includes the cylinder as marked by the outer edge of the goal circle)

  • Goalies are not expected to clear the ball. Once a save is made, the goalie can place the ball within the crease for their defender to take possession of to resume play.

  • No pushing

  • No checking

  • 7 v 7, goalies allowed; If no goalie, goal blockers will be used.

  • Each team needs to attempt 1 pass in their offensive half.

Coach and Spectator Conduct:  Coaches, and spectators are expected to be positive roles models during games and are expected to refrain from unsporting comments at officials, or opposing coaches or players.  There are no jamboree winners and we are not keeping score.  We look forward to a great day of fun.