New Canaan Youth Lacrosse

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The vast majority of refunds for boys and girls in grades K-8 have been processed. There are a handful that require some followup, and this will occur soon.



We appreciate your patience as processing refunds for 900 players is a manual and time-consuming process. Please allow 90 days for your credit to appear on your statement. All refunds will be processed and completed by August 6th per our letter on May 6th.

Refunds are being completed primarily by grade level starting with kindergarten boys and girls and going up from there. If a player has older siblings who were originally registered at the exact same time as the youngest player in the family, then those older siblings will be refunded at the same time. If the older siblings were not originally registered at the exact same time, then those older players will be refunded along with their grade level because it requires a separate transaction from their younger sibling.

Please do not email the registrar asking when your refund will be done; it will be completed by August 6th.



May 6, 2020

Dear NCLA Families,
First and foremost, we are grateful for the health and safety of our NCLA families, and our thoughts are with those whose families have been impacted by this terrible pandemic.
We held out hope that we could preserve a lacrosse experience for New Canaan’s K through 8th grade youth lacrosse players this spring, but we have no choice but to make the unfortunate yet prudent decision to cancel the Spring 2020 season. When and if we receive the go-ahead to hold any camps or clinics this summer, we will reach out to all of you immediately.
To close out the spring season, please read this important information:
UNIFORMS: If you ordered a uniform from the NCLA website after January 29th and have not yet received it, you will receive instructions in a separate email regarding pickup or delivery. Uniforms are nonrefundable. Boys and girls will have the same uniforms next year, so your K-7th grader will already be ahead of the game!
PROGRAM REFUNDS: We have thoroughly reviewed our budget, and NCLA is able to afford significant refunds as outlined below for the Spring 2020 lacrosse season. The refund amounts are grade-sensitive, and assume the reusability of NCLA’s 2020 expenditure on balls, cones, nets, extra uniforms, goalie equipment, etc., but also acknowledge true 2020 sunk costs based on the annual fixed operating costs that NCLA incurs prior to the start of any season, including but not limited to: equipment (balls, cones, nets, goalie equipment, team supplies, etc.), curriculum materials for all grades, coach retention and training, background checks, web services, insurance fees, equipment storage, replacement of first aid kits, and indoor tryout space for grades 5-8.
To receive your refund as outlined below, do nothing! Refunds will be applied to the payment source used through our credit card processor. We appreciate your patience as processing refunds for 900 players will be a manual and time-consuming process. Please allow 90 days for your credit to appear on your statement.
For players in grades K-4: 90% of program registration fee
For players in grades 5-8: 75% of program registration fee
DONATIONS: NCLA is mindful of and sensitive to all of our stakeholders: our families and our coaches. Your support allows us to offer financial aid to those who need it for year-round NCLA programs, and it allows us to retain excellent coaches year to year. As a registered 501c3 non-profit organization, we hope you will consider turning some of your refund into a donation to support our general fund for coaching, financial aid, programming and equipment. You will receive an acknowledgment email for your tax-deductible donation. Please click here for donation details. Thank you to those willing and able to donate to offset our costs.
LOOKING BACK: Over the last few weeks it has been heartwarming to see photos and videos of tiny players who just can’t wait to get on the field for the very first time to the seasoned 8th graders who know the excitement they are missing. All of the grownups feel it, too. To parents of children with years to grow in our program: please tell your children that they will play lacrosse again; this is a temporary circumstance.
We especially feel for those families whose children are in 8th grade, and we wish them all of the best as they become high school players. We have enjoyed watching you grow as players and people, and your experience in our youth lacrosse program has hopefully provided you with fond memories and life lessons. We are so sorry that your last season has turned out this way; it wasn’t what the grownups had envisioned either.
We are so thankful to all of our parent volunteers and especially graduating 8th Grade Coordinators Jud Smith and Kim Appelt who have each devoted several years and countless coaching and volunteer hours to NCLA. We would be remiss without a shout-out to graduating 8th grade dad coach, long-time board member, uniform & swag man, clipboard-snapping, flat-brim fan, Patrick “Big Daddy” Russell. Your collective enthusiasm for NCLA will be appreciated for years to come.
LOOKING AHEAD: If you happen to reach out to any board members with questions, please allow a few days for us to get back to you. Our focus will be on processing refunds, fielding questions, and hopefully planning for summer and fall programs. Like you, we are working from home, helping our kids with school, hoping for everyone to remain safe and healthy, and wondering what the coming months will look like.
NCLA Board of Directors



May 17, 2020

To: NCLA Families who ordered their uniform from our store on after Jan. 29th
Thank you for your patience!
Your son's uniform is available for pick up at the home of Patrick Russell - at a safe distance on a stone wall of their front yard (25 yards from house).
48 Turtleback Lane West - located off of Turtleback Road.
  • Your son's uniform kit is packaged in a plastic bag, labeled with your last name, and arranged in alphabetical order.
  • Some of you ordered a pinnie, shorts and a t-shirt; some of you may have ordered just one or two pieces only.
  • Some boys may enjoy wearing the shorts and t-shirt around the house or town.
  • Some of you have already picked up your son's kit, or had it delivered to your home - so ignore this email.
If you have questions, please email  .
GIRLS UNIFORMS: If you also have a daughter:
Kara Gilliam will be in touch with you directly regarding staggered waves of the pickup schedule from her house. If you have questions for her regarding ONLY girls' uniforms, please contact Kara at  .
REMINDERS: Uniforms are non-refundable. Please allow 90 days for your refund to be credited for the spring program fee. If you are interested in donating some or all of your refund back to NCLA, please click here.